Edens Zero Creator Celebrates Anime’s Finale With New Sketch

Edens Zero’s creator celebrated the anime’s final episode with a special new sketch! Hiro Mashima might have garnered tons of fans for his previous works, Fairy Tail and Rave Master, but his newest has caught on with a whole new wave of fans ever since it made its anime debut during the Spring 2021 anime schedule. Edens Zero recently wrapped up its debut season of 25 episodes, and while a potential continuation of the anime is still up in the air following the tragic passing of director Yuji Suzuki, Mashima still wanted to honor the anime’s run. 

Following the airing of Edens Zero‘s final episode in Japan, Mashima took to his official Twitter account to send off the series with a sketch of the main crew. The creator has been celebrating new episodes of the series with many fun sketches in the past commemorating big moments throughout the anime’s debut run, but this will be the final sketch accompanying the anime for a while. A second season has yet to be confirmed by the anime’s staff or Mashima himself, so this goodbye is bittersweet for a number of reasons. You can check it out below from Mashima’s Twitter: 

本日TVアニメ最終回!最後までよろしくです! #EDENSZERO

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