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Because the movie business is in a state of absolute chaos right now, the Dune reboot, which was supposed to be the big holiday movie of 2020, is now going to be the big holiday movie of 2021 instead. Just don’t tell this accompanying board game, which went ahead and released in December 2020 anyway.

Dune Imperium is an all-new game set in Frank Herbert’s universe, unlike last year’s other Dune board game, which was a remake of a long out-of-print classic. Originally developed and timed to release alongside Denis Villeneuve’s movie, Imperium doesn’t just have the franchise’s new logo, it’s even using character art based on the actors appearing in the film. A film that’s now almost a year away from being released.

Dune is an experience so broken I don’t even know where to begin. Except to say it’s the best board

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