Dota 2 The International Cancels Live Audience & Offers Refunds

Dota 2’s annual tournament the International will no longer have a live audience, and Valve announced it would refund ticket buyers immediately.

The International, a large-scale tournament for Dota 2, has canceled its live audience and is now offering refunds. The multiplayer online battle arena game has recently seen a revival in popularity due to Netflix’s DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime adaptation of the video game. Valve Corporation, the maker of the MOBA, even released an update to coincide with the release of the Netflix anime. The update changed the new player experience, making it more beginner-friendly.

Though Valve has found success in Dota 2, the company has arguably achieved more in the realm of digital distribution. Valve’s Steam remains the largest video game digital distribution platform for PC gaming, boasting thousands of games and millions of monthly active users. Valve has expanded on its success with Steam and is now in the works of developing the Steam Deck. Ahead of its December release to the public, Valve Corporation sent Steam Deck dev kits to both the press and several game studios for an exclusive first look. With the positive reactions from the press and game developers, it’s almost guaranteed that the Steam Deck will be a hit.

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