Doom Patrol: Why Niles Doesn't Trust Laura De Mille

Madame Rouge, AKA Laura De Mille, can’t remember who she was before, but Niles Caulder can, and he has good reason not to trust her in Doom Patrol.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Doom Patrol episode 4.

In a slightly disturbing scene, Doom Patrol gave Laura De Mille a chance to talk to the recently departed Niles Caulder, and his lack of trust in her makes sense based on their comics history. Doom Patrol is not doing a beat-for-beat adaptation of De Mille’s original comic appearance. However, she was a major figure in the comics and the TV show’s take on the character is clearly drawing on some key elements of the backstory of the original character.

Michelle Gomez’s character was announced for Doom Patrol as Madame Rouge and the season 3 trailer teased that she might have amnesia. Episode 4 has seemingly confirmed that she cannot remember who she is as she has only just been reminded of her real name: Laura De Mille. However, she has not yet been given her alter-ego name in the show and will likely learn of it later in the season. After the conversation with Niles’ head where he shows obvious disdain and mistrust of her, she is directed to files that show Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton) recommending to the Bureau of Normalcy that she be terminated as she cannot be trusted as she is disloyal and self-serving.

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