Disney's Encanto Trailer & Poster: A Woman Tries To Save Her Magic House

The new trailer for Disney’s upcoming animated musical Encanto explores the magical world around Casa Madrigal and the threat facing it.

The new trailer for Disney’s Encanto shows off more of the magical world of Casa Madrigal. The 60th film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Encanto has become a major milestone for the company, which has been producing animated features since Snow White in 1937. The film will premiere in theaters this Thanksgiving, opening on November 24, 2021. Encanto will stream on Disney+ just 30 days later on Christmas Eve.

Encanto will tell the tale of the Colombian family the Madrigal’s, a group of magical beings who live in an enchanted house. As they grow up, every Madrigal develops their own particular magical skill, including prodigious strength, shape-shifting, and talking to animals. Unfortunately for the lead character Mirabel, it seems that she is past the age of getting her skill and she may be stuck being mundane forever, creating a divide between her and her family.

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