Differences Between Telecommuting and Telework

Jack Nilles, co-founder, and president of JALA and identified as “the father of telecommuting,” coined the phrases “telecommuting” and “telework” in 1973 — before the explosion of personal computers — as an alternative to transportation to and from the workplace. He modified the definitions after the proliferation of personal computers as follows:

In reality, the two terms mean the same thing in today's workplace and can be used interchangeably: They are both terms for the practice of working from home or off-site, making use of the internet, email, chat, and phone to perform duties that once were carried out only in an office environment. The term “remote workers” has come to mean the same thing.

Telecommuting has been steadily increasing in popularity as the workforce becomes more mobile and technology delivers increasingly more mobile technologies that allow workers to stay connected with the office no matter where they are.

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