Despite Hype, Former Skyrim Mod The Forgotten City Is Kind Of A Mess

There is a special joy to a B game. B games are weird and messy and overly ambitious. Their reach exceeds their grasp, and I mean that as a positive trait. They are the games which stick with you in half-remembered fragments, or inexplicably vivid portraits. The Forgotten City is nothing if not a B game.

Originating as a critically acclaimed Skyrim mod, The Forgotten City was built by a core team of three people. To build a 3D, first-person action RPG with a team that size is, in and of itself, impressive. What they’ve managed to do with that team makes it doubly so.

The game is built around a time loop, which, despite my love for them, are getting kind of old. It turns out living through the last gasps of a declining empire leads to a lot of artists feeling trapped in an inescapable cycle. Odd how that works.

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