Deathloop's Best Weapons & Rarities Explained

Deathloop uses roguelike elements to flesh out its weapons roster, but there are still some uniquely powerful firearms around Blackreef Island.

As far as first-person shooters go, Deathloop has a relatively low number of weapons. Instead, the game adds variety to Colt’s loadout by introducing weapon rarities and some key roguelike elements to provide a sense of progression in arsenal building. This system results in some unique and powerful weapons often carried by the eight Visionaries or found through other, intricate side tasks.

There’s no shortage of firearms on Blackreef Island, even though Deathloop can be beaten without either; the small-time, patrolling Eternalists all carry either some sort of gun or a machete. Weapons dropped from common enemies will be just that – common. Guns picked up from dispatched baddies usually fall relatively low on Deathloop‘s weapon rarity scale. Each gun in the game has a corresponding color, which indicates its rarity. The four categories of weapon rarity are: Crude (gray), Sleek (blue), Exemplar (purple), and Unique (gold/orange).

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