Death Stranding Action Figure Carries All The Cargo

The standard edition of Good Smile Company’s big-headed figure of Death Stranding’s Sam Porter Bridges comes with a couple of cargo cases, his terrain scanner, and the cutest little BB pod you ever did see. The “Great Deliverer” edition comes with two additional head pieces, sunglasses, and a grand total of 21 pieces of cargo, all of which can fit on this poor little plastic person’s back.

Normally I am not a fan of excessive accessories in my action figures. More bits than I can keep on the figure at any given time means I have to store bits in drawers and boxes, pulling them out years later having no idea what they are. That said, the standard Sam Porter Bridges Nendoroid figure, shipping in August for around $50, needs more Death Stranding.

He nails the basic look well enough, with his spinny backpack and BB combo, and the slicked-back hair is nice, but Sam needs more options. This many options, to be precise.

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