Darth Vader Has Incredible Force Powers Fans Never Saw in the Movies

Marvel Comics has seen Darth Vader wielding incredible Force powers that have never been seen in the films, such as his manipulation of the dead.

Due to the unnatural abilities granted by the dark side, Darth Vader has a variety of sinister powers seen in the pages of Marvel Comics’ multiple Star Wars series, and that includes his ability to manipulate the dead. For example, Charles Soule’s Darth Vader and his more recent run on Marvel’s primary Star Wars series feature different scenarios in which Vader displays a level of control over the deceased (including his late wife Padmé Amidala).

In 2017’s Darth Vader series from Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli, Darth Vader was granted the world of Mustafar by the Emperor to serve as his base of operations and a reminder of Anakin Skywalker’s death on the world, giving way for his own birth as Darth Vader. Using the spirit of the Sith architect Momin, Vader constructed his imposing castle above a locus of dark side power, using it as a massive tuning fork to harness his power for something truly dark and unnatural. Once the castle was built, Vader was able to open a doorway to the other side. While he seemingly discovered the spirit of his late wife Padmé in the nether realm, she refused to go with him back to the land of the living, recognizing that the husband she had known was corrupted and no more.

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