Courteney Cox gets back to work on the Warner Bros. lot, serves coffee at Central Perk (really)

As Friends fans know, Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel was the one who spent a stint serving up piping hot Joe at Central Perk, but with Courteney Cox once again filming on the Warner Bros. lot, the studio home of her former show, she's now picking up some coffee-related shifts of her own.

Cox has been filming her Starz horror/comedy Shining Vale on the same lot where Friends was filmed from 1994-2004, and she decided to use some time — and her vast knowledge of the locale — to obtain some extra work.

The actress posted an Instagram video from the WB of her delivering coffee to tourists sitting on the big orange Central Perk couch (a Monica, and a Rachel, if you're wondering what beverages they ordered), she takes a shift in the gift shop, and helps hand out drive-on passes from the parking kiosk.

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