Corsair MP600 Pro XT SSD Review: Corsair’s Best Just Leveled Up

Corsair’s MP600 Pro XT is one of the best SSDs we’ve tested. If you need a fast SSD that will deliver leading performance during the toughest sustained workloads but at a more accessible price point, this is your drive.

Corsair’s MP600 Pro XT sets a new standard for high-end SSDs, pushing the boundaries of performance with up to 7.1 GBps of throughput and over 1.5 million write IOPS. Corsair also tops the SSD with your choice of a heatsink or waterblock for cooling, enabling high performance in even the most demanding scenarios. That means you’ll see this SSD on our list of Best SSDs soon. 

Corsair launched the MP600 Pro just a few months ago, but it wasn’t quite fast enough to remain the company’s top dog for the rest of the year. With the recent launch of Micron’s 176-Layer TLC flash, Corsair decided to revamp the MP600 Pro and birth a beast that performs with only the best of the best — the MP600 Pro XT.

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