Comic Book TV Series That Went Too Far

One might think that putting together a TV show based on a comic book would be a cakewalk. Since the source material already exists, adapting it shouldn’t be that difficult, right? Take “Watchmen,” for instance. For years, many claimed that the seminal work was “unfilmable” (via The Independent). Yet Hollywood has made both a cinematic adaptation and a TV show set years after the events of the 12-issue miniseries. 

The work that creative teams put into crafting these TV series is no joke, however. Adapting a comic book for the small screen involves a delicate balancing act: The show needs to pay respect to its illustrated roots, but must also avoid becoming a mere retread of everything fans have already seen. In so doing, writers, producers, and directors inevitably find themselves taking risks. Many end up working, but on some occasions, creators end up crossing the boundaries of what’s acceptable for the audience, the story, and even the medium itself. From undesirable character changes to questionable storytelling choices, these are the comic book TV series that went too far.

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