Chucky Gets New Emoji Celebrating Child’s Play TV Series

The original creator and star of the Child’s Play franchise are returning in Syfy’s Chucky, and to celebrate, the killer doll at the heart of the series is getting his own Twitter emoji. Use the #Chucky hashtag, and you’ll find your tweet gifted with a grinning, scruffy-haired doll head. This should come in handy in the next week or so, as the series gets closer to its airdate, and social media traffic from excited horror fans inevitably takes a turn in ol’ Chucky’s direction. Based on the 1988 film Child’s Play and its 6 sequels, the series brings back star Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky, the killer doll, and reteams him with creator Don Mancini, ignoring the events of the 2019 reboot.

From the moment Dourif wasn’t cast in the new Child’s Play, fans were upset and rumors started to circulate that there were plans in the works to keep Dourif working in the original continuity even if the new movie was a big hit. The new one was a modest success, but there is no word yet on follow-ups. Meanwhile, longtime fans are anxious to see what the original team has in mind.

You can see the tweet below.

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