Choujin X Flips Tokyo Ghoul's Hide/Ken Friendship On Its Head

The friendship between Tokio and Azume in Choujin X is very similar to Ken and Hide’s dynamic in Tokyo Ghoul, but has the potential to be even better.

Warning! Spoilers for Choujin X chapter 9!

Tokio Kurohara and Azuma‘s relationship in mangaka Sui Ishida’s Choujin X undoubtedly shares many correlations with the friendship between Ken Kaneki and Hideyoshi Nagachika (aka Hide and later Scarecrow) from Ishida’s popular Tokyo Ghoul manga. Although still quite new, Choujin X, however, recently marginalized Azuma considerably when Sui Ishida’s early chapters presented him as a more compelling version of Hide.

Before his transformation in Tokyo Ghoul, Ken was much more reticent, especially in comparison to his outgoing and utterly devoted best friend Hide who oftentimes spoke for him in public even when Ken was right there with him. Hide maintains his role as an overly supportive friend after Ken changes into a ghoul but to a more dramatic degree as Hide starts exhibiting signs of paranoia and fear whenever he loses track of Ken. Hide even goes so far as offering and then forcing his own body upon Ken for sustenance. Hide later endeavors to push against his own human limitations further by joining an organization that investigates criminal ghoul behavior to improve his chances of keeping tabs on Ken. He even goes rogue and adopts the identity of Scarecrow as he meddles in major operations from the shadows to help his friend.

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