Carrion: The Kotaku Review

In Carrion you move so fast, so malevolently, it’s genuinely unsettling… even though you’re the one in control. And controlling this repellent offal-beast is never better than when you prepare surprise attacks for well-armed military forces.

Two machine gun-toting army boys, with anti-me shields fizzling in front of them, thought they could be the heroes. One wandered into the room I was in, quietly hidden in an air duct in the ceiling. I waited until his back was turned and lashed out toward him. He roared in terror in the seconds before he was dead, slung into my mouths and chewed. His buddy came running, shields and guns ready—so I disappeared. Back into the safety of my tunnel in one monstrous slithering movement, leaving him impotently firing his gun at the ceiling. I was The Thing, an Elder, the creature that once lived under your bed. I killed him moments later.

I have never played a game with movement that feels this good.

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