Captain America Reveals His Shield's Top Secret Function

In the latest issue of Marvel’s United States of Captain America, Steve Rogers reveals that his shield has a secret and valuable function.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for United States of Captain America #4

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ United States of Captain America, Steve Rogers reveals the secret function of his shield, revealing that it’s much more than a vibranium frisbee. While his shield was recently stolen by a group of neo-fascists in an effort to corrupt the mantle of Captain America, Steve Rogers has assembled a group of Captain Americas past and present to retrieve it. However, it appears as though Commander Krieger and the Red Skull’s daughter have much more planned for Cap’s shield beyond just using it to ruin his reputation.

In previous issues of The United States of Captain America from writer Christopher Cantwell and an all-star team of artists, Captain America’s shield was stolen by a Captain America imposter, later revealed to be Speed Demon working in league with Sinthea Schmidt (the daughter of the Red Skull) and Commander Krieger, formally known as Warrior Woman. Using Cap’s likeness and shield, this group of neo-fascists began targeting various vigilantes around the country who had taken the Captain America name, working to protect their respective communities as part of a grassroots Captains Network. In response, Rogers has gathered a team of Captains Americas such as Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, John Walker, and even some of these new Caps to fight back as the next phase of the Nazis’ dark plot begins.

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