Bright: Samurai Soul Debuts New Cast in Special Clip

The world of Bright first came to Netflix as a live-action movie in 2017, seeing Will Smith as a police officer in a world that is filled with magic and the supernatural, partnered with an orc while attempting to decipher a mystery involving elves and magic wands. While a sequel to the live-action film has yet to be confirmed, the franchise will be getting a new chapter via an upcoming anime film that re-imagines the fantasy world with a feudal Japan aesthetic in Bright: Samurai Soul with Netflix releasing a new clip to introduce the cast.

The world of Bright is a unique one in that when it was originally presented to viewers, giving audiences a modern story that incorporated Orcs, Elves, and other magical beings within its universe, acting as if all these magical races and humanity had co-existed throughout their respective histories. 

The streaming service revealed a new clip from Bright: Samurai Soul which not only introduces us to the cast but also shows how the bloody action of the upcoming film will help introduce the magical world to new audiences via this new anime: 

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