Bow Before The Beauty Of My Custom-Painted Joy-Cons

In my never-ending quest to make my consoles and controllers look uniquely pretty, I turn to Colorware, the company that’s been painting game hardware for two decades. They do custom color Joy-Cons for $150 and special limited edition designs for $200, which look and feel amazing.

There’s nothing wrong with spending $70 on a pair of retail Joy-Cons in officially sanctioned Nintendo colors to give your Switch a little extra oomph. I just prefer a lot of extra oomph: My Switch dock has a wood-etched image of James K. Polk on the front. I murdered at least one Joy-Con turning my original Switch into a watermelon wonderland. When it came to sprucing up my second Switch after passing on the original to my children, I wanted something really fancy. Something like these.

On the left we have a metallic color called “Glamor Gloss.” On the right, metallic “Diamond Gloss. The bumpers color, which can be chosen individually on the Colorware website, is “Candy Apple Gloss.” That’s three of the 32 different colors Colorware offers in both matte and gloss.

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