Bluetooth Car Stereo Basics

The safety, convenience, and entertainment features offered by Bluetooth car stereos are fairly diverse, but they’re not limited to head units that have the functionality built in. Even if your head unit doesn’t have Bluetooth, you may still be able to take advantage of features like hands-free calling and even internet audio streaming with the right add-on kit.

A Bluetooth car stereo is just a car stereo that has built-in Bluetooth capabilities. In most respects, a Bluetooth car stereo is a lot like any other car stereo. Also known as a head unit, since it controls every other audio component in your car, a car stereo will usually include a radio, may be able to play CDs or MP3s, will have either a built-in amplifier or pre-amp outputs, and also connects to the speakers.

In addition to all of that, a Bluetooth car stereo also includes Bluetooth connectivity. This typically allows it to connect to your phone, a wireless earpiece or headphones, and other portable electronics. Many of the best car radios on the market include Bluetooth.

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