Blade: Why Marvel's Comic About His Daughter Didn't Happen

In 2015, Marvel Comics proposed the most interesting Blade concept in decades – so why didn’t Blade’s daughter Fallon Grey ever appear?

Back in 2015, Marvel announced a new series that would introduce Fallon Grey, the daughter of Blade – and here’s why that story never happened. As little as fans may like to admit it, the sad truth is that Marvel Comics has largely failed Blade. Although the vampire hunter was introduced back in 1973, it wasn’t until he hit the big-screen in the ’90s that the comic book publisher really began to see his potential – and it’s telling that they swiftly redesigned the character to correspond to the cinematic version, who was very different to the traditional Blade. Director Bassam Tariq, who will helm the MCU relaunch of Blade, recently noted he doesn’t feel especially restricted by Blade’s comics canon – simply because none of Blade‘s runs have ever lasted long, or made much of an impression in the public consciousness. Blade’s comic book history really does feel as though it can be summed up with the phrase “missed opportunity.”

One of the worst of those missed opportunities was in 2015 when Marvel Comics announced probably the most interesting Blade idea in decades. As part of the “All-New All-Different” relaunch, Marvel announced a new series featuring the creative team of Tim Seeley and Logan Faerber, Blade the Hunter, in which Marvel’s greatest vampire hunter would team up with a high school student. Fallon was a 16-year-old who Seeley envisioned as the “anti-Peter-Parker,” a popular and well-liked girl who was shaken to learn Blade was actually her father, and who deeply resented being forced to join the family business. “They’ll be completely and totally antagonistic,” Seeley promised in an interview with CBR, “and the fun will be in seeing whether a guy like Blade can become a father, and whether a girl like Fallon can become a student and a daughter.” The idea immediately drew a lot of attention, and there were even numerous reports Marvel Studios was watching this play out with real interest.

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