Blade Kept His One Weakness Because It Makes Him a Better Killer

Possessing all the strengths and none of the vulnerabilities of vampires, Blade nevertheless chose to keep his one weakness rather than lose his edge.

When given a chance to end his vampiric curse, Marvel’s Blade chose to keep his bloodlust in order to remain as effective as possible at killing the undead. Although Eric Brooks’ supernatural advantages greatly assist him in his mission to kill every single vampire, he perceives his need to consume blood as his primary weakness – something that separates him from the humanity he protects from the shadows. When Doctor Doom rewards him for protecting his mother in the past, Blade is given the opportunity to be free forever from his bloodlust, but after much thought and consideration, he turns it down.

When Eric Brooks’ mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant, the unique mix of human and vampire DNA created an anomaly that would eventually become “the Daywalker,” a legendary bogeyman of vampires worldwide who not only has many of their superhuman advantages but uses them and his extensive training to hunt and kill the children of the night. In Blade #2 by Marc Guggenheim and Howard Chaykin, Blade is leaving the scene of his latest battle when he is approached by a legion of Doombots. After dispatching the Latverian robots, Blade travels to have a word with their creator, the Latverian monarch and infamous supervillain Doctor Doom. Doom reveals that he met Blade before decades ago when he saved his beloved mother Cynthia from vampires. The villain then uses his combination of magic and technology to send Blade back in time to fulfill this predestined objective.

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