Big Brother 23: Derek Xiao Teases Coming Back For All-Stars

Derek Xiao reveals that he’d like to compete in a future season of Big Brother: All-Stars. Find out what Derek X. said to his Big Brother 23 fans.

Big Brother 23 star Derek Xiao is already talking about coming back to compete on Big Brother: All-Stars someday. Derek X. entered the BB23 house as a 24-year-old startup founder from New York. By his own admission, Derek X. had only seen two seasons of Big Brother and was recruited by producers to be on the show. In a house that was filled with superfans as competitors, Derek X. was undoubtedly off to a rocky start on the show.

And yet, Derek X. won the first Power of Veto competition of the season and dared to use the veto, going against the long-standing advice to not change a Head of Household’s nominations in the first week of Big Brother. Over the course of the season, Derek X. won two veto comps and one HOH comp. He used the first veto to save Kyland Young from the week one block against Alyssa Lopez. As HOH, Derek X. took a shot at Christian Birkenberger and got him evicted from the competition.

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