Best Graphics Cards for Apex Legends: 14 GPUs Tested

The mega-hit battle royale Apex Legends topped 50 million players at the time of this writing. It will have picked up thousands more before you get to the end of this story.

This so-called “Fortnite killer” isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Ironically, though, it’s a lot more resource-demanding on a PC than Fortnite. Fortnite plays well on almost anything. Apex Legends? Not so much.

Indeed, dedicated graphics is a near-must if you want to play Apex Legends at a competitive level (Nvidia certainly agrees, according to this research, though there just might be a vested interest there!), without dialing down settings far enough to be a nuisance. Here at PC Labs, I have access to a library of all the late-model video cards from AMD and Nvidia. So, I figured: Hey, Apex party! I put the game through its paces to see the rough frame rates that gamers can expect from samples of the top graphics cards on store shelves today.

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