Ben Affleck Praises The Flash As Fun Experience After Difficult Justice League

Ben Affleck praises his time making DC’s The Flash movie as “fun” compared to his time making Justice League. Affleck knows first and foremost just how rocky the road of making DC movies can be; besides Superman star Henry Cavill, Affleck caught the worst of DC and Warner Bros. internal troubles in the mid-2010s, resulting in the now-infamous theatrical releases (and later director’s cut retcons) of his two Batman films, Batman v Superman and Justice League. It was a small miracle when fans learned that “Batfleck” was suiting up again for The Flash, so it’s going to be deeply validating to those same fans to hear that Affleck enjoyed the experience of his DC Universe comeback. 

“[The Flash] was a really nice way to revisit that as the prior experience had been difficult,” Affleck explained to Variety. “This was really lovely. Really fun… I had a great time… I love Ezra and I had a chance to see Jason [Momoa], who’s over there making ‘Aquaman [and the Lost Kingdom],'”

Being a longtime veteran at making these big comic book movie franchises, Affleck then joked:

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