Asus ROG Strix LC GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Review: The Fastest Card We’ve Ever Tested

Liquid cooling and a colorful light show combine to create an extreme enthusiast-grade RTX 3080 Ti that surpasses all of the other GPUs we’ve tested so far. But at this price you wonder why there’s no ROG Strix LC RTX 3090.

The Asus ROG Strix LC RTX 3080 Ti sets a new record for out-of-box performance, no doubt helped along by the copious RGB lighting — you all know RGB makes your PC parts go faster, right? Despite having just half the VRAM of the RTX 3090, a healthy factory overclock combined with excellent cooling make this the fastest graphics card we’ve ever tested, at least until the next heavily factory overclocked card shows up. This would potentially be one of the best graphics cards you could buy right now, if you could actually go out and buy it.

The formula for breaking records isn’t much of a secret: deliver more power and better cooling to the GPU, allowing for higher clock speeds. That’s precisely what Asus has done with the ROG Strix LC line. We’ve seen the same core design before, in the ROG Strix LC RX 6800 XT specifically, but the RTX 3080 Ti model has to kick things up a notch. Asus added a third 8-pin PEG power connector, giving a total theoretical maximum power delivery of 525W. Here are the specs, compared to the other RTX 3080 Ti cards we’ve reviewed: 

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