Assault On Hoth:The Empire Strikes Back:The KotakuReview

Let’s go back in time. Not to 1980, when Empire Strikes Back came out, that’s too far. We’re going to 1988, when West End Games, a company famous at the time for its RPGs and hardcore wargames, released a two-player board game called Assault on Hoth, which I have just played in 2020 and will now tell you is surprisingly good!

Assault On Hoth wasn’t West End’s first or only Star Wars game. The company’s RPGs were pretty big at the time—during probably the lowest ebb of Star Wars’ popularity. They released stuff like a weird singleplayer wargame called Battle For Endor, where you battle an AI-controller Imperial force, and Star Warriors, a hilariously over-complicated predecessor to the far more excellent X-Wing.

Lucasarts seems intent to never release another game in the X-Wing (video game) series so long as I

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