Ari’s Top 10 Games Of 2020

The past year has been one endless, pitch-black night with a single burning, incandescent star: video games. I mean, can you imagine what 2020 would’ve been like without video games? I, for one, cannot. Better yet, it’s not like the annual release calendar was a dry spell, either. From tip to tail, the hits kept coming—truly, a saving grace. Without further ado, here are my top 10 games of the year, in order from best to least-best-but-still-awesome.

Everyone knows the story behind Hades. A surprise announcement at the 2018 Game Awards, with an Early Access release on the Epic Games Store that very night. Early access on Steam the following year. A full 1.0 release on PC and Switch in September 2020, at which point everyone with a keyboard or a set of Joy-Cons devoured it. The Game Awards put Hades up for top honors. Polygon, IGN, Destructoid, USGamer, and Rock Paper Shotgun named it the best game of the year. And now, a dude at Kotaku is listing it as his personal number-one. Yes, Hades was, without question, the best game I played in 2020.

Universal Mobile Gaming Controller
Ergonomic, Flexible Design for a Comfortable Handheld Grip.

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