Apple Watch Apps Not Installing? How to Fix the Problem

This article covers troubleshooting only for installing Apple Watch apps using an iPhone. To learn about installing apps directly on the Watch from its pre-installed App Store, check out How to Use the Apple Watch App Store.

There are a handful of reasons why apps might not install on an Apple Watch, but most of them have to do with wireless communication. Because you install apps from the iPhone paired to the Watch, the connection between the devices is often the cause of the trouble. Follow these steps, in this order, to get apps to install on your Apple Watch.

Check Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Since wireless connections are often the problem, checking your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections is smart. First, reset the connections on the Watch by turning on, and then turning off, Airplane Mode. Then, on the iPhone paired with the Watch, ensure that the phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Watch. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure the Watch is connected. If not, connect to the same Wi-Fi network and connect via Bluetooth.

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