Apple iPad Pro review 2020: small spec bump, big camera bump

Apple’s tagline for the new 2020 iPad Pro models is “Your next computer is not a computer.” It’s a cheeky way of addressing the tension that’s at the heart of most iPad Pro purchases: they cost as much or more than many laptops but may not be able to replace your laptop.

The 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $799 and the 12.9-inch model starts at $999, but in both cases, a more realistic cost is at least a couple hundred dollars more: you should factor in the price of a storage bump over the anemic 128GB of base storage and the price of a keyboard case. iPad Pro buyers will quickly spend as much or more than the cost of a good MacBook Air or even a MacBook Pro — hence the tension.

Unfortunately, you can’t spend the extra $299 or $349 for the new Magic Keyboard case that Apple announced alongside these new iPads — they won’t arrive until May. Brydge is selling a more traditional clamshell attachment for $199 or $229, but it’s not shipping until next week.

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