American Horror Story Season 10: Death Valley Cast & Character Guide

Following AHS season 10’s first part, Red Tide, part 2’s Death Valley features a group of new and returning actors to tackle the characters.

American Horror Story season 10’s Death Valley, follows up the first half of the season’s Red Tide premise, introducing a new alien conflict with plenty of incredible new and returning AHS cast members portraying the characters. Death Valley follows a 1950s black and white timeline in which president Dwight Eisenhower is confronted with the arrival of aliens and subsequently tests on the species. The season also depicts a group of modern-day college students who face the decade-old conspiracies and horrors face-on.

Death Valley follows American Horror Story season 10’s first part, Red Tide, where the former takes place on the sand while the latter occurred at the sea. AHS: Red Tide depicted the story of Harry Gardner, a struggling screenwriter who moved with his pregnant wife and talented violinist daughter to Provincetown, Cape Cod for the winter. The family quickly realizes the town’s menacing nature involving a black pill that gives talented users intense inspiration while turning untalented takers into dreaded Pale People. For anyone who takes The Chemists black pill, a dreaded side effect gives one an aggressive thirst for blood.

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