Amazon Echo Auto review: “Alexa, why do I need you in my car?”

A very niche product that a lot of people will struggle to find a use for, especially in more modern cars. While it makes Alexa more accessible on your phone, it’s still nowhere near as capable as Google and Apple’s alternatives.

Price: $50
Size: 3.3 x 1.9 x 0.5″
Weight: 1.6 oz
Microphones: 8
Output: 3.5mm, Bluetooth
Bluetooth: HFP (phone calls), A2DP (audio), AVRCP (voice control)
OS: Android 6.0, iOS 12 or newer

An Echo for your car: That’s the main selling point for Amazon’s Echo Auto, a compact $50 device that is built for one thing and one thing only: Using Alexa to make your car smarter.  

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