Alphacool Eisbaer Pro Aurora 360 Review: Expandable Excellence

Alphacool’s Eisbaer Pro Aurora 360 is impressive out of the box as an AIO cooler for current HEDT CPUs. While its $217 price is expensive, the company uses standard G1/4 threaded components, allowing the Eisbaer to expand step-by-step toward a full custom-cooled system.

The Alphacool Eisbaer Pro Aurora 360 features a full-cover CPU block sizable enough to fully cover Threadripper’s ample surface area, although it supports mainstream sockets like AM4 as well. There’s also a powerful, fast-flowing pump with built-in reservoir and an all-copper radiator, allowing the Eisbaer Pro Aurora 360 to morph into a custom cooling loop, one piece at a time.

Alphacool is often recognized for its contributions and liquid cooling components in the PC watercooling industry. The company prides itself on offering some of the best-flowing, highest-performing blocks and radiators available for the enthusiast market. And as we’ve seen in testing its previous products, the company usually delivers. So it comes as little surprise that Alphacool also builds its AIO line from the same quality components, with expert craftsmanship, to provide cooling solutions like the Eisbaer Pro Aurora 360.

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