All Might Is Stronger Than He's Ever Been In My Hero Academia

In chapter 327 of My Hero Academia, All Might is finally able to break a cycle of mistakes that have plagued him as a hero for too long.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia chapter 327!

All Might no longer possesses One For All , but he just exhibited a strong sense of will in My Hero Academia that allows him to break a longstanding and detrimental habit that plagued him as a hero.

While a powerful quirk, One For All seems to fill the wielder’s mind with delusions of grandeur as both All Might and Deku have taken it upon themselves to fight evil alone at their own expense. All Might fights the villain All For One twice on his own, and each time, he sustains immense injuries that eventually culminate in his premature retirement. As All Might’s successor and recipient of One For All, Deku later endeavors to face All For One with no help, which causes him to undergo a dark transformation that almost claims his life.  During his retirement, the hero killer Stain recently provided All Might with the opportunity to redeem himself so long as the former hero confronted him alone, but All Might surprisingly takes the high road, as revealed in chapter 327 of My Hero Academia.

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