Alan Wake Remastered Review: A Successful Revival Of A Cult Classic

Alan Wake Remastered will not shock anyone with its graphical improvements, but it does retain the spirit and soul of the original game.

11 years after the original’s debut, Remedy Entertainment has released Alan Wake Remastered. Surprisingly, Remedy’s cult-classic game holds up at its core. The story still shines as bright as Wake’s trusty flashlight and the gameplay – albeit not totally perfect – is still engaging and fun. Remedy’s writing is tightly woven and timeless, making the game a treat to both re-experience or enjoy for the first time.

Since this is the first time Alan Wake will be on PlayStation, some players may be a bit unfamiliar with the story. Alan Wake follows a washed-up writer on a vacation in a small town. Things quickly go awry, resulting in him living out the plot of his latest novel, which he can’t remember writing. As a result, his wife has disappeared and the Lynchian town of Bright Falls is under siege by a dark supernatural force that he must destroy.

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