AHS Season 10: How Death Valley’s Pregnancies Connect To Asylum

Death Valley is the second AHS season to focus on aliens after Asylum, and the two already connect with strange alien-induced pregnancies.

American Horror Story season 10 brings back the notable alien concept from season 2’s Asylum, including a shared connection between the aliens mysteriously impregnating characters. Aliens have a much larger presence in Death Valley than Asylum, serving as the core conflict in which characters in the 1950s are confronted with mysterious reappearances and President Eisenhower must make a deal with the alien lifeforms, while Death Valley’s characters in the present day become subject to the decades-in-the-making conspiracies. Death Valley even makes the aliens full-on characters that take over the bodies of humans instead of the odd, hardly visible creatures in Asylum.

While American Horror Story season 2 focused far more on the atrocities of mental asylums in the 1960s, the conflict was kicked off by the wife of Kit Walker (Evan Peters) being abducted by aliens. The alien story led Kit to be confused as Bloodyface and placed in Briarcliff Manor, but they kept coming back throughout the season as they manipulated Grace, sent artifacts investigated by Doctor Arden, brought Alma back down to Earth, and mysteriously abducted Kit for good in Asylum’s finale. The specific look of the aliens seems to differ from Asylum in Death Valley, but they do share a bizarre connection with human characters being impregnated by aliens after apparent abductions.

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