Aeon Drive Review: A Fun & Fast Game Caught Up On The Small Details

Aeon Drive is a speed-focused 2D platformer along the likes of Celeste, just with a few more snags that muddy up otherwise satisfying gameplay.

Aeon Drive is a 2D platformer from developer 2Awesome Studio about speed and flow, taking after titles like Celeste and Dead Cells. Jack, Aeon Drive’s protagonist, has a handful of mobility options that can work together in interesting ways to either speed up or slow down a run; however, they don’t always feel as tight or as fluid as they should. For the most part, Aeon Drive is a quick and fun platformer that offers replayability and speedrunning potential, but its controls, story, and design occasionally present roadblocks to the player and their enjoyment.

Aeon Drive‘s story is more of a framing device than it is an actual narrative. Jack and her robot companion VERA escape their dimension in order to flee from a galactic war and arrive in “our” dimension. They get pulled into Earth’s orbit and crash-land in the cyberpunk city of Neo Barcelona, which VERA quickly realizes is close to destruction thanks to a chain reaction being caused by unstable dimensional drives. To save the city, they need to retrieve all six, but they only have 30 seconds before they go critical; luckily VERA can create a small time-pocket to extend that time.

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