A new Humble Bundle offers tons of great games to raise money to fight COVID-19

If you’ve been wanting to support organizations that are helping to supply those fighting on the front lines against the novel coronavirus, the latest Humble Bundle is a good opportunity to do just that. You can pay anything you want, but you’ll need to pay $30 in order to get the full bounty of PC games available (DRM-free or Steam keys), as well as several ebooks and digital comics (available in several formats), and some software.

That $30 gets you a bunch of top games, including Into The Breach, Hollow Knight, Undertale, Wizard of Legend, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, The Witness, Superhot, Killing Floor 2, Jackbox Party Pack 2, Tropico 4, and several other titles. The ebooks cover a range of topics like mindfulness and coping, as well as Saga Volume 1, The Boys Volume 1, along with a few more digital comics. The pack even includes crosswords and Music Maker EDM Edition, so you can make some beats while you’re at home.

Humble Bundle: Conquer COVID-19

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