A Lunch Break With This Cyberpunk 2077 NPC

This is Ana Muñiz. They’re a random person in Cyberpunk 2077, with a pretty cool haircut and a nifty fashion sense. How do they spend their time?

Since I finished Cyberpunk’s story back in December, I’ve been poking around Night City off and on, admiring the landscape and looking for interesting things to get up to. Developer CD Projekt Red had hyped up NPC behavior in the game, promising unique characters and routines. A while back, after reading player critiques of Night City’s residents, I decided to find out just what some folks did in a day. I caught Ana on their lunch break in Corpo Plaza, and decided to spend some time with them.

Note: I did all this before the latest game patches. Your mileage may vary these days, though the folks over at Rock Paper Shotgun report that some of the issues I encountered in the following journey are still in the game. But we’re revisiting games as part of Kotaku’s Backlog Month, which for me has also meant thinking about all those articles I didn’t get around to writing, especially ones about Cyberpunk. And I’m not here to nitpick the game’s technical side—I really just wanted to experience the lives of the game’s NPCs and see what I could learn about them.

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