A 24 Revival Must Resolve The Jack Bauer & Tony Almeida Story

There’s talk of thriller series 24 being revived but if Kiefer Sutherland returns as Jack Bauer it must also deal with the Tony Almeida situation.

Talk of a 24 revival series has started again, but if Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer returns, so too must Carlos Bernard’s Tony Almeida. 24 debuted back in 2001 and the original series lasted for eight seasons, with each following beleaguered CTU agent Jack Bauer. Jack frequently had to race against time to stop terrorist attacks, often at a big cost to his personal life. The show’s real-time format presented some unique storytelling challenges, but it also aided in making it feel like gripping television.

One of the key 24 characters of the original run was fellow agent Tony Almeida. Whereas Jack was often running – and gunning – out in the field, Tony was the dependable presence back at CTU providing support. The two were initially rivals but throughout five seasons evolved into close friends. This was shattered in season 5, where Tony was seemingly killed via a lethal overdose administered by his wife’s killer – and Jack’s former mentor – Christopher Henderson (Peter Weller).

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