90 Day Fiancé: Paul Exposes Karine’s Private Medical Information

Paul and Karine’s relationship troubles 90 Day Fiancé fans. Paul has just made a shocking betrayal by exposing Karine’s private medical information.

90 Day Fiancé couple Paul and Karine Staehle’s ever turbulent relationship has hit another shocking low with Paul sharing his wife’s private medical information on social media. Paul’s outlandish social media antics have left fans worried for the duration of their relationship, as he has lashed out at Karine on numerous occasions and made allegations against his wife. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans think Paul crossed a major boundary by sharing photos of Karine’s medication to his followers seemingly without her consent.

Paul’s erratic behavior has become even more worrisome over the past few months. The American accused Karine of cheating on him and demanded paternity tests for their two sons. Paul even went so far as to try to take Karine to lowbrow TV to have the paternity of their two boys confirmed. Paul also said Karine called the cops on him amid their chaotic marriage. However, things appear to have recently settled down, as Karine cleaned her notoriously messy house, updated her look, and has been committing to cosmetology school. Viewers thought Karine was making positive steps to better herself and improve her life, and Paul even hinted at a third baby in the future. However, Paul continues to shock fans with his insensitive actions against his wife.

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