2022 Was The Year Big Video Games Stopped Coming Out

In some ways it feels like more video games are coming out than ever before. Yet in another way, one that so many of the loudest and most expensive sides of the video game industry are built around, 2022 was a drought like no other.

If you want to talk about lil’ platformers on the Switch or city-builders on Steam or weird horror adventures on then this was a bumper year. If you’re going by sheer volume there are more video games to play today, across more platforms, than ever before. As packed as the calendar was with smaller and even mid-tier games, though, a glance at the blockbuster release schedule in 2022 was dire reading.

I’m using the term as shorthand to describe a standalone, blockbuster video game release, one that’s usually funded by a major publisher and which has an inescapable level of hype/awareness. Think Call of Duty, Halo, God of War, Zelda, that kind of game. The big ones! You know what I’m talking about!

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