16 Best Sports Movies On Hulu [October 2021]

The best sports stories, be they based on truth or made up by a writer, are by their very nature narrative. In fact, they can be downright cinematic. That means sports can make great building blocks for movies. Sports are all about heroes and villains, overcoming adversity, and emerging triumphant to the delight of cheering fans — not unlike a well-made film. It’s a logical end then that some of the most beloved and memorable movies ever made are about athletes competing for glory, be they comedies, dramas, documentaries, action flicks, or pulled-from-the-headlines, based-on-a-true-story affairs.

Major streaming service Hulu offers an especially varied abundance of sports movies, available at a click to its millions of subscribers. Here then are the 16 best sports films currently available on Hulu.

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