10 Must-Know Slack Tips for Better Remote Work Communication

If you’re working from home unexpectedly due to COVID-19 and you use Slack, there are a few simple tricks that make the app better for an all-remote work environment. When Slack is at its most effective, it lets you communicate clearly and quickly with other people, while also giving you and your colleagues a way to talk informally, too. That’s what these tips are all about: Finding ways to make Slack more efficient for the serious work and yet also more welcoming for socialization.

If you aren’t already experienced with Slack, you might also look over our tips for keeping the interface tidy, as well as other tips and hacks for the app.

Slack makes it easy to hold a weekly or daily check-in with all the members of a team. Ask everyone on Monday what they plan to get done this week, or what they accomplished on Friday. You can use Slack to automate a daily or weekly check-in reminder, as shown in the example from Slack above using a slash command. If slash commands are not your thing, you can instead use an app, such as Standuply to help.

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